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Rainbows Within Reach
It's a color enfused, dynamic, up-beat, interactive, movement laden, truly unique, text filled, happy puppet, sign language enriched, invitational sing-a-long, educational picnic of delight, with animation and other surprises!! Join the fun of singing, moving, and reading to all 12 of the songs from my first recording. In this 56 minute DVD (that includes over 10 additional minutes of extras & show and tell) there's plenty of sign language introduced to keep every child engaged in learning.

Filmed professionally after much research into the best practice in multi-media presentation, this project is filmed with a single camera, (long focus) that increases the sense of personal involvement and minimizes the sense of fragmentation and distraction...and it's so much fun!

Come giggle along with the high stepping, dancing potatoes, watch the transformation of pollywog to frog, learn foreign language greetings and swim in a golfish bowl..... ask with the children: "how did she do that?"

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